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All-In? The Difference between 99.5% and 100% is Night and Day!

Cleaned Up Video Transcript and Few Added References…

Okay, trying this again… so, this is Curtis Abbott’s first Facebook Live, Take Two! Anyway, I wanted to talk about something that happened recently with the whole eclipse thing that was just wild.

So, here’s everybody coming up from all over the country, wanting to go to the path of totality, a lot of people stay at home and figured… Oh well, 95 percent is surely good enough, we’re gonna get the basics of it and everything.

I’m really so, so happy that after a significant little internal family debate as to whether we were going to go because its the first day of CC. (Classical Conversations,1 basically homeschool with the kids but in a collaborative setting) You know, you’re paying for it, and the eclipse fell on that first day of CC and so, do we go, do we not?

Finally, we decided, Hey, we’ve got to do this, it doesn’t happen that often, let’s take the trip to the path of totality. So, with some good friends, we went up to St. Claire, MO. It was really cool, an AG Church had opened up their parking lot.

The Most Powerful Illustration of my Life

But, I want to bring out some real practical insights relating to what we learned from the eclipse. This is why I am so thankful that I took my kids up to the path of totality with the eclipse. Because, for me, it was the most powerful illustration that I’ve probably ever had in my whole life. I mean… Here I am I’m getting a little emotional, that’s funny. Basically, just seconds before the total eclipse, literally seconds, you couldn’t even look at the Sun. Unless you put on your special little glasses, you can’t even really tell anything significant was happening.

Minutes Before Totality

Just minutes Before Totality

I could totally see going through a situation, let’s say, that’s a 90% or 95% eclipse and if I wasn’t in a society that it was spread all over Facebook and all over the news. Let’s say it was a couple hundred years ago and let’s say you’re out on a farm and you never even knew it was happening. I could totally see having a situation where the eclipse came and went. Not in the path of totality but where it came and went like on a Springfield level or maybe an Arkansas level eclipse and we never even knew it was happening. It came and went and you didn’t really know. But the path of totality, where the whole Sun was blocked out, where the crickets start singing, we even had little spiders come up out of the grass. It was kind of cool and the stars come out, you even got the circular horizon sunset. But the main thing I really learned from that was how different it is to be 100% all-in versus just 99%, because the second that eclipse was over, BAM you couldn’t even look at the Sun anymore. BAM, it’s basically full-on daylight again.

What about our life in God?

As it applies to my life, I’ll tell you what it really spoke to me, is the difference between being completely sold out to God and being 99%. How radical that difference actually is! It’s Huge! It’s huge, I mean imagine how big of a deal that could be in your marriage. I know for me being 100%, it’s night and day. It’s kind of funny, it was like night and day at the eclipse but it’s like night and day being 100% all-in on anything that you set your heart to. It’s not just a 1% difference.

The difference between 99% and 100%, is not that mere 1%. The difference is literally night and day! The difference is more like several hundredfold. It could be literally the difference between radical success and abject failure.

As I’ve just pondered that, I’ve thought about in my life with God and in walking with God, I want to walk the path of totality. You know, never get in that place where I’m halfway. Now obviously, I think that’s probably somewhat impractical, I mean, we’re all human, and I know I certainly am.

I know what walking in the path of totality actually is, I’ve experienced it. I know the difference. I’ve gone up to st. Clair and experienced that, I know the difference between 99% and 100%. I know 99% isn’t good enough. I know 99% is a night and day difference, that makes all the difference in the world. I know a lot of times in my life I’ve held back and if I’m holding back from God, if I’m holding back from my marriage, if I’m holding back for anything, if I’m holding back and reserving some small little element where I’m not truly all-in, the difference you might think won’t make that big a difference. But, it could literally be the difference between complete radical life change, complete radical success, a complete just miraculous breakthrough versus a dismal failure where the whole opportunity came and went and nobody knows the difference.

Life is but a Vapor,2 100% Surrender is Worth It!

So, I want to be in that place where I’m walking the path of totality before God. You know, not because wild stuff is happening in the world today, not because all this stuff I think it is pretty wild that in just the last two weeks we’ve got this huge hurricane situation that happened in Houston with unprecedented damage and we’ve got this other huge hurricane that’s on its way that’s of unprecedented strength. Who knows how all that’ll play out. You got over a million acres burned up, you got a record-breaking hurricane down in Mexico. Does all that mean anything else? Could all that be a coincidence? Maybe, but what my point is actually that we want to walk the path of totality before God regardless of what is happening around us.

We don’t want to have the events of let’s say the Great Tribulation come upon us and Okay now we get right with God. No, every single day says today is the day of salvation when walking a path of 100% surrender. I think it’s easy to go through life and be 100% for a little while and things don’t happen as quickly as you think or maybe you the results you were shooting for didn’t come or you were praying and praying and praying and the life change you were seeking, or the deliverance in your life, or the healing or the repaired marriage just didn’t happen. Whatever the case may be, whatever it is there’s a huge difference between walking the path of totality and being just 1% off. The difference is night and day.



It’s not just walking the path of totality for a day, it’s not just walking the path of totality for a month or for a year. I’m talking about being completely and utterly sold out for the totality of our lives.

What does it mean if you invest your whole life in being sold out to God and you’re like one of those in Hebrews Chapter 11? Where you die in faith having not received the promise.3 One of the beautiful things in God is, just like the miracle of compound interest, God pays dividends. If you go into eternity having invested faith, having invested obedience, having invested walking a path sold out, walking a path of totality before God and, let’s say, that’s not rewarded in the earth realm. Hey, let me let you know, God says that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.4

Not Receiving the Promise?

If you die in faith having not yet received the promise… I know you don’t even want to think about that because you’re like, Hey I want to walk the path of totality, I want to believe God, I want to pray through, I want to get results now. Great! Me too. But, what if you died in faith having not received the promise? What if you went to that place where you pass on to the other side? Let me let you know that you can’t out give God. You’re not more committed than God. And if God chooses, in his divine providence, to have a reward for you that was greater than earth could possibly compensate for and you were chosen to be almost like a martyr, who died in faith having not received the promise, in whatever area of life. Imagine the exponential rewards that are going to come to you in the life to come.5 You know, that comforts my soul and it gets me out of thinking about the day-to-day, it gets me out of thinking about natural results.

I want natural results, I want to see the glory of God in the land of the living.6 But what if, what if we don’t see it. Basically the reason I bring this up is because it’s an insulator to discouragement and a fortifier of enduring faith because if everything hinges upon seeing the glory of God in the land of the living like David and all of us hope for, well when a day passes, a month passes, a year passes, multiple years pass and you don’t see it, you’re gonna be tempted potentially to shrink back.7 You’re gonna be tempted potentially to get discouraged and I want to die in faith. Even if I don’t receive the promise I want to walk the path of totality every day of my life and I want to have people in my life that if I veer from the path of totality they call me on it.8 I don’t want to live this little cordial existence where we all just pat each other on the back and say we’re doing good when we’re not there. That’s where I want to be and so I just had these thoughts on my mind.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

I shed a tear or two but just like when my kids and I went up to St. Claire and we saw that eclipse and we saw the seconds before and the seconds right after.

This illustration of the difference between being 100% and 99.9%, and how it is literally like night and day, is such a powerful illustration for how we should live our lives; how we should live our lives before God, how we should live our lives for our family, how we should live our lives in every single aspect. Are we in or are we out?

Like that scripture says, I wish that you were either cold or hot but because you’re lukewarm I’ll spew you out of my mouth.9 I don’t want to be in that place, I don’t want to be lukewarm, I don’t want to be cold, I want to be hot. I want to walk the path of totality to my dying day and so, Hey hold me accountable to that. Because that’s where I want to be.

So anyway, I just had a few thoughts to share and does anybody have any thoughts that have joined the Facebook Live here? Feel free to chime in. I’ll give you a second before I put it to a close.

I want to pray… Father, in the name of Yeshua, I pray that I walk the rest of my days in the path of totality. I pray that if I’m not in the path of totality right now that you bring the illumination of the Holy Spirit and that you put a spotlight on my soul10 and Father, repentance would come. I pray that every day of my life and I pray every single one of us that sees this video would be encouraged to be sold out, to be 100%, to not be lukewarm, to be red-hot in our pursuit and service of your Kingdom.11 In the name of Yeshua.


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